Premium Oval Proofing Basket Set

We are Bakers at Heart

Baking & Beyond is an American brand company and our mission is to bring a smile back to each baker who buys our products. As bakers ourselves, we know what is most important to our customers!

Taking a Stand for Every Home Baker

We boldly stand up in the face of inferior products, made from flimsy materials, destined to disappoint. We firmly shout “you deserve a better baking experience!”

Tested for Quality

Say goodbye to those cheap and toxic plastic baking tools! Our proofing basket is carefully handcrafted from all natural, 100% rattan and our baking scraper and bread lame are made from the highest quality stainless steel with ergonomically designed wooden handles, so you can bake healthy and delicious homemade breads, confidently, while smelling their sweet aroma 

We have bundled everything you need to unlock the baker inside you!


Our 4-piece baker tool set includes:


  • 10-inch oval bread basket

  • Dough lame with 5 blades

  • Stainless steel baking scraper

  • Washable linen cloth liner

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