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     Experience The Difference

Premium Bannenton Proofing Basket Set

We are Baker's at Heart

Baking & Beyond is an American brand company and our mission is to bring a smile back to each baker who buys our products. As bakers ourselves, we know what is most important to our customers!

Taking a Stand for Every Home Baker

We boldly stand up in the face of inferior products, made from flimsy materials, destined to disappoint. We firmly shout “you deserve a better baking experience!”

Tested for Quality

Say goodbye to those cheap and toxic plastic baking tools! Our proofing basket is carefully handcrafted from all natural, 100% rattan and our baking scraper and bread lame are made from the highest quality stainless steel with ergonomically designed wooden handles, so you can bake healthy and delicious homemade breads, confidently, while smelling their sweet aroma 

We have bundled everything you need to unlock the baker inside you!


Our 4-piece baker tool set includes:


  • 9-inch bread basket

  • Dough lame with 5 blades

  • Stainless steel baking scraper

  • Washable linen cloth liner

Our Silicone Baking Sets

  • ✔COMPLETE PREMIUM SET FOR BAKING: Accessorize your kitchen with our standard sized 12 cup Muffin Pan, 24 Mini Cupcake Tray and 2 quality Spatulas offering you the finest baking experience. Create delicious bakery items with your family and serve at parties, special occasions and regular events. As a BONUS, we have included an E-BOOK with 50 RECIPES & COOKING GUIDE.

  • ✔CONSISTENT QUALITY AND RELIABLE SAFETY: Every mold is cautiously engineered with highly durable materials to deliver a chemical free, LFGB grade product that passes the extensive FDA inspection. With a heavy duty 240G Silicon designed for a sturdy nylon grip, these tins avoid any mess in the process and ensure a superior & lasting quality than the existing flimsy plastic or metal pans in the market. Our unique Cupcake Molds are a must-have to satisfy your everyday baking needs.

12 Cup and 24 Cup Mini Muffin Pans

  • ✔NON STICK BAKEWARE ESSENTIAL: Baking & Beyond Muffin Set takes convenience to the next level. Simply place the pan on a cookie sheet, pour the mixture using the Spatula and enjoy hearty wholesome muffins with the Easy Release function. These value trays utilize a revolutionary non-stick coating that enables the savory baked treats to easily pop out with a finger press, leaving no crumbs or bits behind in the cups and sticking to save your valuable time. It is recommended to apply cooking spray or oil prior to usage for optimal results.

  • ✔DYNAMIC USE AND ENDLESS VARIETY: The perfect size pans for Oven use and extreme comfort in cleaning being Dishwasher friendly. Our professional packs are heat resistant between temperatures of -104F to +450F making it safe for hot and cold environments. Great for DIY baking, Egg muffin cakes, Brownie cake, Cookies, Tarts, English muffins, Jelly, Pot pies and many more food items. Fill your fridge and freezer with your choice of sweet delights – It’s a small price for a bakewear add-on that will provide your family with a long lasting experience.

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