Back in 2013....

The Beginning of my Cake Decorating Journey

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

It all started back in 2013 when I decided I wanted to take my baking skills to the next level. I signed up for my first cake decorating class!!! 


My first ever decorated cake!!!


I know it's nothing fabulous, but I made it and it was awesome! I was hooked from day one! I loved it so much ,and I excelled above the other students! So I made a plan.

What did I decide to do with my hidden talents and love for cake decorating?


I decided to become the teacher myself!

I taught the classes for Wilton for multiple years and I really enjoyed my experience as an instructor. It taught me a lot and it really helped me gain the skills I possess today!


But I had to move on and I started to become my own boss and build my own business from home selling cakes and other treats.

I wanted to share just a small handful of some of my creations over the years.


Now it's time for a new journey.


Welcome to Baking & Beyond


This is where the real journey begins.... stay tuned!!!

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